I’ve seen women before me,


and drown

in the stereotypes set by society.


I wasn’t my own when I was born,

I was always theirs,

they were going to decide what my life was going to be like,

they are going to decide the career I’ll pursue,

they will choose a husband for me to marry,

a man,

I don’t even love,

a man,

who doesn’t even love me,

a man,

who will treat me,

just like father treated you, 

dear mother.


a man,

who will insult me,

degrade me,

belittle me,

have multiple affairs behind my back,

but I won’t be allowed to speak,

I will be silenced

just like every other woman before me,

this is my destiny,

they said,

I either learn to live with it

or not live at all.


It was one afternoon,

mother said,

with tears streaming down her rosy cheeks,

“I lived with him,

I stayed in this marriage,

despite all the bruises he had inflicted

on my body and soul,

I stayed,

instead of seeking refuge,

I stayed”


and that night I went to sleep wondering,

why is it that women

say these words proudly

that they’ve stayed in abusive relationships,

just for the sake of their children

but do they have any idea

how damaging it is

for children to see

their parents fight every day?

doesn’t she realize

what lesson she is teaching her daughters?


why is it

that instead of being independent

women depend on the men in their life

just to fulfill their basic need?



that’s the reason why they can’t let go,

because if they leave him,

who would they go to?

where would they go?


if they leave him

what will people say?


because let’s face it,

a divorced woman,

is always the one to blame,

it’s always her fault,

she was the reason why her husband cheated on her in the first place,

only if she was a bit prettier

and kept him satisfied,

he wouldn’t have done all that,

if he hits her,

she is the one to blame,

if only she was a bit respectable,

if only she listened to what he said,

if only,

if only,

if only.


she does not realize

and understand


she too

deserves happiness,

her dreams matter too,

just because you’re a girl

doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams,

just for the sake of their so-called “izzat”


just because you’re a girl

doesn’t mean your dreams aren’t valid,

it doesn’t matter who you are

or where you come from,

all that matters 

is who you choose to be,

and how much you are willing to give it all

to your dreams,

to your aspirations,

to your happiness.


I said it before

and I am saying it again,


just because you’re a girl,

does not mean your only goal in life is marriage,


there are thousands of beautiful things out there

waiting to be discovered by you,

you’ve just got to break free from the stereotypes

and learn to move forward in life,

despite what they say,

despite what they say.

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Amazing… So proud of your work.