At the ripe age of 25, Cara Delevingne has achieved her international recognition.In recent years, Delevingne has covered most of the leading fashion brands and has segued into acting.
Delevingne’s role as the mysterious heroine Margo Roth Spiegelman in the film adaptation of Paper Towns by John Green leads to the origin of her latest career move into young adult fiction, with her debut *Mirror Mirror*.
*Friend.Lover.Victim.Betrayer.When you look in the mirror, what do you see?*
Sixteen-year-old friends Red, Leo, Naomi and Rose are like anyone their age: figuring out who they are.Life isn’t perfect, but they’re united by music and excited about the journey their band holds for them.
For each of the four bandmates, the union proves to be about more than the music, it is about acceptance, friendship and a sense of belonging.
This is until Naomi dispappears in tragic conditions, leaving behind only one word ‘Sorry’.She’s left fighting for her life in coma. The police claim it was a failed suicide attempt, but her friends aren’t convinced.Will Naomi ever wake? What awful truth was she hiding ? What dark secret was lurking behind her seemingly sunny persona? How did her friends fail to spot the warnings ?
Red sets out to uncover the truth and find what-or perhaps who-was responsible for Naomi’s condition. Meanwhile Rose turns to wild partying and Leo is surrounded by gloomy feelings.
It’s a journey that will cause Red’s World to crack, exposing the group’s darkest secrets. Nothing will be the same again, because once a mirror is shattered, it can’t be fixed.
         *My review of Mirror Mirror*
I must admit , I was curious about this book as it was not hyped that much it should be.The plot really piqued my interest.I was pleasantly surprised by this book once I dove in, I was pretty much hooked after a few pages.Delevingne’s co-writer, the contemporary fiction author, Rowan Coleman, shows in the first half of the novel which feels rather like a game of teen-fiction-cliché bingo: dysfunctional parent-child relationships-check ; a runaway-check ; drug and alcohol misuse-check.
The story truly finds its roots in the second half, it tackles issues such as sexuality, identity, exploitation and child abuse.
Delevingne hasn’t forget her British roots.Entwining the stories of each character together, Mirror Mirror looks as the highs and the lows of the band, the friendship, their lives and their problems.
The novel, understandably, has to find the right balance for its audience but it is at its best when it is pushing hard against conventions and boundaries.
We quick see this band, is life for Red the kid who finds hard to fit in.The other, the lover, the traitor and the victim, aka Leo, Rose and Naomi are very different from Red.Red is now forced to take charge of things as they fall apart.
Mirror Mirror, is an obvious reference and perfect title for the book as in many ways the novel becomes a mirror of its supermodel author at this point: bold, brave and fierce.However, their is a sense in which it holds back from the dark realities of its plot.
Red does deal with some confronting situations and whilst they are truly character to be admired in general.
It’s a complex story and Delevingne clearly has her fingers on the pulse of this generation.Mirror Mirror wasn’t that bad of a story, I much enjoyed this gritty British tale.An interesting plot that is very well written.
-Maryam Zafar

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Zohaib Ahmed
Zohaib Ahmed

A good review, Maryam. You convinced me to read the book. I hope i can find it.