I asked random people what faith is to them but they have to give me one word for its description. The answers were similar in a dissimilar way. To some, it was hope and for others it was justice. There were some who said it was the truth and yet there were people who claimed it was more of an advice. A person even said it was life then again it was everything.

What I learned from this experience was that faith was not as simple as the understanding it came along with. The definition was there but something was missing from the understanding that people hold for it. Despite it was one thing in nature, it still held millions of emotions that surrounded it. It was everything a person could live by regardless of the world and backgrounds we come from.

Faith is the hope that is blind yet a reality that people at times undergrad because of its invisibility. Faith is a creed of the people of humble status and discovering minds. Faith is the length of soul that cannot be touched or seen yet can be felt in awe. Faith is a hand for the people who had given up yet still wanted to try once more.

In all sincerity of giving but never asking back for something, that is faith. Faith meant that a situation will always have a better outcome regardless of the vibes it spreads. Faith is an expectation of the broken reflections to make them whole again. Faith was everything you want it to be when the time is not on your side. Faith is the odds, people talk about to be in your favor.

But then questions came along with these realizations, do we all have it, do we still have it? And if the answer is in affirmative then why are there so much to fix instead of so much to see, if we have it why we are in sorrier instead of being thankful?

Why cannot we remember how it feels to believe when our now is so advanced? Why are not we seeing beyond, when we have so much to help us to figure things out? Why are we still stuck here and not incorporating our own abilities? Because of not having faith as we should have since the beginning. The simple thing is, we do have words to explain faith but we have limited our own being from experiencing it again, over and over just because we attached our joy to the temporary and changed our preference of believing the things that essentially mattered.


Faith was not supposed to be lost but it was supposed to be the mere existence of our actuality. So, I learned that it is not enough to say that we have faith in public but it is important to have it inside of us so we can do more, so we can be more. So we can find ourselves in a greater phase of our lives. Faith makes us kind, it makes us fight our demons. Faith is the anti-depressant from nature that does not cost us much but does act as a much larger fixative of our sorrows.

So, get back the faith and grow, so we can change the world for those who lost their battles. Faith is not just to you and me but it’s to us all in equal. Faith connects us where we have been disconnected for so long. So, have faith. I know you are depressed and alone but have faith that it will be okay and it will be, just have faith. I know it has been long and you saw no change but magic always happens in hiddenness. So, just have faith.

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Masha Allah!!
Amazingly beautiful..
Awesome description.. ❤️