I haven’t worn garland I wear blood and oppression
You’re selling dreams here
I will pick my Eyes
I can’t purchase your soothing fantasy

Sooty clouds live around
With devilish eyes.
Nightmares can live with us
And demons are our only friends.
My soul is imprisoned
My feet are tied
Scorching sun rays are my life.
No shade can come
to rescue us.
Because our time to flee is not yet arrived.
I haven’t worn a necklace jewel
My throat is clogged with unexpressed sighs,
But ,

A shimmer of the string will never Die
It will always blink your eyes
Spring can’t join us  
To wipe this oppression
Because fences are very high.
Love is forbidden for us
Like God gave Commands to Adam and Eve
Do not touch this “Forbidden Tree”
Your love’s snare will remain futile
Some murder their love early
Some kill when they die.

Some adieu them with rainy eyes
Some bury them without any visible sigh
You can’t see this sicking thirst
You have no visionary eyes.
I have worn a red shroud
Full of blood and thirst
Waiting for my funeral in a shrine
They will call Funeral director
And everyone will shower flowers
But nobody will notice heart that mourns
I  only drink the wine of blood
I can’t weave rosary fillet

I can just spit fiercely chaplet
Because my pain is grievous and sore!
In vain I have explained myself
You can’t unfold my knackered soul
You  are dumb and deaf
I have wrapped in words my silent appeal.

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