The Giver is a book written by Lois Lowry, an American writer. Her genre is children’s literature and fantasy somewhat same as the book The Giver. The book shows a theme of a dystopian society in the disguise of a utopian one. The story revolves around the character of Jonas, just Jonas as he explains it. The book itself is a young adult novel that goes around a series of events that makes a clear-cut expression of emotions and feelings.

The society in the book seems like a perfect society for the existing imperfect world. The society seems like a solution to all the problems and pain that exists in the world. Yet the real problem is understood as the graduation take place. Graduations of teenagers to find their place in the society, their jobs which leads to their training. These jobs are based on their upbringing in the society where nothing is natural but chosen for you. Where they pick your parents and your families, your profession and your life’s purpose but who picks them? The Elders. These Elders are there to manage the community and make the rules while executing them with full force and what they call as harmony.

Just like others like others in his class, Jonas was also positioned for a job but it was not an ordinary position. He was honored to be the next Receiver of Memory. Jonas had to be trained like everyone else but he was trained by the current Receiver of Memory who would now be The Giver.

Along the way as a reader, one realizes how there was not any emotion, of any sort. That a person’s life was not handled for a better but controlled from more. They do talk about feelings but never experience emotions.

The idea behind this community was to save people from pain, hunger, war, and tears but by paying a price in the form of giving up joy, hope, faith, and love.

To have this perfect community or society they gave up on everything that makes a person a human. There was not any form of color or sound that can be seen or heard. The world around the residents of this community was restricted from all negative by sacrificing all positive. To gain an errorless society they gave up all the deep meaning of life. The only one that can understand is the one who has the memories of these experiences of emotions, sight, and sound. Basically the Receiver of Memory who acts as this wiser, who when in time of need guides the elders for things which are beyond their understanding.

The book goes around and explains freedom of choices that a human has by birth and it also explains how every human sense of mind and touch of feel, is a gift. The author shows the beauty of these gifts where we can feel emotions, see colors and hear sounds of all kind. The pleasure of finding things within our own self that are taken lightly by every other person, daily just because they have them. It removes the layer of this blindness of a person who is not blind by nature but blinded choice.

I appreciate Lowry for creating a piece of work that explains us about our human nature more deeper then we estimate it to be. The sameness that the author talks about makes us realize that how much this difference we have, matters more, be it race, color or religion. How without the bad, we will never realize the good that there is.

All the book is considered to be a read for the kids but it can highly leave its marks on a person who thinks and asks, regardless of their age group. The book is an experience that is deserved to be lived and understood. It reminds us how blessed we are and how thankful we should be to God for everything.

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great job. It motivates me to read the book or to atleast recommend my younger sister as its a children book. Thank you Sheza Khan…! ❤