Dear Sweet Heart!
I still remember the day, when you cried for the first time, when you first opened your eyes, the spark and innocence both were clearly visible. Your eyelashes were so soft, fluttering with every gust of wind. When you clutched my hand with your tiny fingers it hugged  every single string of my heart.

The day when I brought you home was the best part of my life, because from that day I started to realize the feeling of becoming a father. From that day I sincerely incurred all your responsibilities.
The memories from your childhood are crystal clear in my eyes still, how can I forget the moment when you called me dad for the first time, you tried to crawl, you failed, then you finally took your first step. The day I first dropped you to school and the day when your success brought tears to my eyes. Each and every single moment is clearly written in the note book of my heart, mind and soul and so in yours.

I’m a father of a little girl, who is the princess of my castle yet facing every hurdle coming into her way aesthetically. Who thought that this beautifully carved relationship has come to a mournful and miserable end. Everything has it’s time in this world, every relationship we have has it’s time, and my time with you ended the moment I left this world.
Now you are not with me and I’m not with you. I don’t know how you are spending your days, but I know my little girl that it is hard to survive in this cruel world alone, without a father.
I know there comes a whole bunch of memories and they hit your head, whenever you see any other little girl with her dad.
I wish you will have all the happiness and success. I wish my girl fulfills all of her dreams as well as mine and make me proud. I wish no little girl have to lose her dad again. You’ll always be the center of my love.

The One Who’ll Always Be In Your Memories…

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