Now the leaves are falling fast,

   Nurse’s flowers will not last;

   Nurses to the graves are gone,

   And the prams go rolling on.

                                                 -W H Auden

Seasons come and go, each one of them has its own significance. Autumn, a season, also called Fall, is often portrayed as a Poetic Season. You will often listen to different poetries, read intense stories about how a person falls in love with someone who is standing right in between of falling leaves and all, also, this season is associated with cold and warm vibes at the same times. The old Bollywood classics and even now when a breakup sequence is shot, they often choose to show autumn feels to keep it real and intense.

Seasons affect your mind accordingly. We have often heard this phrase in urdu “Andar ka mausam sahi ho toh baahir sab khoobsurat lagta hai” which is true. You will often observe that you feel happy in a sunny afternoon when temperature has crossed 50 centigrades but you are happy so it feels good. And sometimes, even when its raining outside, the trees are dancing with joy and leaves are singing with the rhythm of rain you will feel sad. Its because the happiness comes from hearts.

But, it doesn’t at all mean that seasons doesn’t affect you, they do.

Autumn is referred as ‘Khizaan‘ in urdu. This word ‘Khizaan’ has a huge impact on our lives, if you pick up a book of poetry by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, he has related heartbreaks to autumn. And in actual, psychology says that Autumn gives you anxiety, the nostalgic anxiety.

We all go through heartbreaks once in a lifetime, sometimes, it’s hard to eradicate the impact of a heartbreak. It is said that when something really hurts your feelings, you can feel it all over your chest and stomach. That feeling captures your chest, goes up to your throat and flow out of your eyes. That’s what a heartbreak is, and it takes you into the autumn season of your life. This is one of the root causes of Autumn Depression.

Heartbreaks, one of the biggest cause of Autumn depression, are often taken very lightly. Autumn depression is not something that should be taken lightly. The initial symptoms are lack of motivation, crying at smallest of small things, sitting still at a place for hours, either sleeping for hours or no sleep for days. These symptoms should be observed and treated immediately. Most probably, people who have gone through the worst situations in their lives, or have faced heartbreaks are more likely to be diagnosed with Autumn Depression. At first, they start to lose attention towards everything. Second, they start to lose their immunity because they either eat a lot or eat nothing at all, their diet gets worst. Due to this autumn depression can develop into chronic depression, which is a serious consequence.

To treat autumn depression at personal level, do something about it! Get up, run, workout, read things, write it out, sing it out loud, wash it out, share it out, scream it out, do something to lessen this pain consuming your chest! There are so many people out there who try to drown themselves into work, which is a good way to treat your depression. The more you work, the less you think and the less it affects you.

In short, start doing what you were up to before or during the depression. Every person, whether man or woman, knows what can make him/her happy in any day of the week or time of the day.

Work on yourself, grow professionally, do something new, improve your emotional level and the result is a life without depression.

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