Strange are these days

And nights and so am I

Down, damned, despaired

Like overdosed by a drug

And yet I need more

And more. But the more I have

Is less. And I feel

It will never be enough.

I long, I wait and

It’s been ages, decades

Or centuries, I do not know.

All I know the ticks of the clock

Pinching my mind, reminding

Me of the wait

That is never going to be

Over. Has time slowed

Or stopped? Or am I

In another space?

This wait seems lifelong

And yet I wonder, will ever come

The blissful days, like days

When I played with butterflies

With my friend, in her garden.

For now, I feel astray, lost

In a place unknown

With no purpose to serve

In my life. The faces I know

They’re familiar but strangers.

The paths I’ve walked all my life

Seem alien to me.

I feel like drunken.

Hey, if you’re listening

Wake me up from this dream

Of horror. Tell me,

What is my identity, my past and present?

Tell me please,

What am I waiting for?

I feel all forgotten

And lost. As if it was another life

That I lived, or it was a dream

I dreamt, or maybe

It was a story long read and forgotten.

Tell me who I am

And what I am.


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I really loved this