Addiction isn’t about something good or bad.

Addiction isn’t about suffering, isn’t about self harm.

The reason behind addiction is mental health

We all are suffering from mental health in some other ways.

Some of us are addicted to thoughts, love to live in an imaginary world.

Some use drugs to escape from the world.

To hide the reality of their damaged selves.

To overcome stress, anxiety, depression.Instead, to understand about addictionwe should understand the mentality of different people according to their addiction. Addiction is escape. Addiction is joy. Addiction is peace.

A girl who was a rom

A girl who was a zealot

How she becomes perilous

How she becomes perverse

The sadness pervasion  in her soul

She becomes a pessimist

She needs someone to drag her out

To drag her out of the seas of black

Grave of alive ones

To bring her alive

In the world full of happiness

An addicted person needs more love, care, attention

Extraordinary behavior to bring him back

Bring him back to the real world

The world which is not as cruel as they think

The world which is not as evil as they experience

The world still has beauty after sunset

The world still have colors in the sky

The world still has that friendly hand to wipe your tears

The world still has the charm to see the colors of hope.

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