Mind defused by the sham,

Perfectly concealed love come,

Treading peace, she lunged,

Never mind, she was dumb,

Gazing shining Moon at night,

No doubt, a Selenophile,

Sun rise was spotted,

A hundred times.


Crippled her soul was,

She tried to mend,

Thread she used was,

Infected by nefarious hand,

There is a light,

At the end of tunnel,

But she was trapped,

In a calaboose.


Weeping and clawing,

Ebony walls,

Licking her dirty hands,

And chewing her gyves,

Her love was paralysed,

On a pallet, she felt jeopardize,

She confuted and whined,

Implored for death angel,

The last light, she had,

She had in her eyes,

Only her soul will rise,

Body thrown over a pile,

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