They tell me you’re a monster,

An angel devoid of his wings,

A man of God who lost his honor,

A lost spirit who was once a king,

They tell me you can’t have redemption,

They tell me your faith has no chance at resurrection-

So much disappointment in their eyes,

I think I’ve drowned in my sorrows

My life , my deeds – all demoralized

I see no sunrise for my tomorrows

All I see – through you – are winter storms,

Things I want to end – pain I want to rid you off

I fail to compare my torture to yours,

I fail to stand through your wars,

I never felt you had it this hard,

I never knew it was breaking your heart,

Never understood why your smile never reached your lashes –

Why you never squinted as you laughed,

How you burned like a phoenix to ashes

But everyone failed to recognize that action,

I don’t see what you see in you,

I don’t see what you call a forsaken soul,

Since when did monsters start coming out in the day?

Since when did they start to decay in dismay?

I don’t remember demons being scared of staying alone,

When was the last time they wanted to be on their own?

I know what you hide behind that mask,

All the emotions you shield off,

All that you’re afraid I’ll ask –

But I promise I could be the shelter you need,

I could heal up the wounds, that sometimes – still bleed,

Because last time I checked you don’t need four walls to build a home –

You don’t need shoes to let your feet roam,

Last time I checked, the sun always overshadows the moon –

Last I looked at your face, to me.. you were a human too.



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