Sometime it feels like we are lost one in this world

Trying hard to return back to heaven

But the journey in between heaven and Earth we end up in hell

It feels like we all are lost souls without any memory

But when we get back our memory

We sink in deep sorrow

That sorrow take all the happiness from our eyes

Put us back in your unseen grave

Let us free from happiness, dreams, joys

Bound us with sadness

The real color of our soul start appearing in our eyes

Our memories of sins build walls of black rose’s around our heart

Our heart blocked with strong fragrance of those rose’s

The fragrance of graveyard

Where you have buried your dark sins

The fragrance of dark forest behind white mountains

Where you lost your innocence

The fragrance of deep eyes

Where your sins are kept locked

I was lost in this world

The world presented himself as fairy tale

Where we think we lead the word

But no…. The world is leading us

Making us sinner

The dark sinner

Your final days

Your last breath

Rewind all our journey

From innocent to cruel

From pure to sinner

From heaven bird to hell dragon

From beauty to curse

Our finals days come with great force to drag us back from where we started our journey

The journey of becoming mess

Our finals days are as cruel as angle of death

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deep and dark…
loved it,
looking forward to your next work..


Good work! Keep it up girrl.


Good work. Keep it up. .