Maha meer is a teen who wants to be known for her opinions. She’s the woman of Pakistan who has big plans and some crazy ideas to pursue. Maha, expressing her thoughts beautifully on Instagram, writes and speaks on the major flaws of our society.
Her Instagram bio says enough about her disapproval for classical stereotypes still floating in this modern air. It says,

“Bold hou besharam nahi, azad hou awaara nahi, sarcastic hou sayasatdan nahi, aurat hou aozaar nahi”

Here is her online interview:

Interviewer: What made you inspire to start an influencing blog?

Maha: I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be known as a person with a voice, with an opinion. I wanted to be distinguished from the masses of people who don’t want to stand for right.

Interviewer: Have you ever thought that you’ll come this far?

Maha: This far? I have a long way to go InshaAllah. A lot of plans and projects to do and many other things and we’re there soon.

Interviewer: Is your family supportive enough to allow you do whatever you wish to do?

Maha: My family isn’t very outgoing neither it is that oh-so-conservatives-to-function-in-a-society. I have clear instructions and defined limits for everything, quite honestly. I’m daughter of a Pakistani desi couple, you can understand the rest.

Interviewer: What is your perspective about life?

Maha: Life is very small for any definitions and perspectives. Going with the flow and leading the way is what I strongly Believe in. Smile, laugh and let it go. Love and live.

Interviewer: Have you ever been into a situation where you were depressed about something? How did you tackle it?

Maha: I honestly read and write in such situations. We all have a different mechanism for tackling such situations and mine is reading and writing.

Interviewer: Why are you doing this work? What keeps you motivated to do it?

Maha: I needed a platform to “talk”. So I came forward with instagram. People and their stupidity, misconceptions, and ignorance and sometimes my will to correct the incorrect keeps me motivated 24/7. I wouldn’t mind acknowledging the effort of all the people who love my work and appreciate it. They push me to do good all the time.

Interviewer: Do you think we have some talented souls in our society? Any message for them?

Maha: Talented souls in Pakistan…we’ve an ample number of people, basically of every age, and specially our youngster who are immensely talented Mashallah. All I want you all to know is that you’ll make it. Tomorrow will be your day. Believe me but most important believe yourself and you’re already one step away from your destination.

Interviewer: Why people should follow you?

Maha: People should follow me if they need daily dose inspiration for life. I’m the right person. Search @cheeruplikemaha and I’m sure you’ll figure out the rest by yourself.

Interviewer: Do you have anything on your mind that you want to do in future?

Maha: I have many ideas but the craziest one is my wish to start a travelogue and the other one is to write a book one day. Let’s see where life takes me.

Interviewer: Where you see yourself in upcoming years?

Maha: I see myself sitting on a recliner being interviewed by some tv show asking me about my daily routine. “Spending a day with Maha”
Honestly, I don’t think much about things I have zero control over. Time will tell where I go.

Interviewer: Any message you want to leave for the readers?

Maha: I’ll say, listen to everyone but do what you think is right.
Value your elders they surely know more.
Be patient. Bad days will end. They are here so you can appreciate your good days more.
Never be dependent on any mortal element of this world. Be independent to an extent that you don’t collapse if you’re left on your own.
Don’t be afraid of failure. YOU WILL MAKE IT ONE DAY. Keep your spirits high.
Never be afraid of failures. YOU WILL MAKE IT ONE DAY.
Smile whatever the situation is, everyone doesn’t deserve to know about you. Believe in God.

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I love this…

Abeer Hashmi
Abeer Hashmi

Zbrddst.. keep inspiring…❤




Inspiring❤ I like you and your blog Maha. Stay blessed

Jaweria Mansoor
Jaweria Mansoor