Author: Samira Ahmad
This book was really good for a debut novel, not necessarily mind blowing, but definitely very promising. It was really amazing in its own way, with a fierce female protagonist who is dealing with issues both universal to all high school seniors and those unique to American Muslims. The story has so many points that all Muslim teenagers can relate to. While reading the book, one can relate several issues to their everyday life.
What I really loved about Maya was her passion and dedication to became something she wanted to become, not what her parents wanted her to become. Asian parents are often seen deciding the whole future for their children, despite of children wanting something else. But there are very few who have courage to live for their dreams. And Maya was one of them.
Also, to some point this book teaches American Muslims to continue their life, despite of some racists putting them down all the time. Like every other American citizen they have a right to live freely in a country they call home. Overall this book is worth the hype.
“Violence has no place in religion, and the terrorists are responsible for their own crimes, not the religion and not us”

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I’ll be definitely giving this book a try!