شوق کمال بھی نہیں

خوف زوال بھی نہیں

خود کو تباہ کر لیا

اور ملال بھی نہیں

– جان الیا

We have fallen, into this hole of darkness. Which isn’t really darkness, but just emptiness. Vastness. Into this hole, deep under the earth, no sunlight reaches. No noor descends. No angels fly over here. It’s only dusk. Gloom.

And when there is only absence of light, desire ends. Aspirations die. Cravings fill up with blankness. Thirsts quenches. Everything is just constant. No feelings. No emotions. Just stuck. Just there. Just here. Just present.

Imagine yourself. Imagine, you’re in an opening, but of a hole. A large circle. Vastness. But there’s only darkness. Murkiness. Everything is concealed with gloominess and dusk. Everything and nothing is there. Everything is cheerless and obscure. Nothing is visible. You are standing there. You are unable to see. Unable to breath. Unable to feel. You’re just there. Constant. Stuck. You’re just there. You’re just here. You’re just present, but you don’t exist. Not really.

Maybe we did this to ourselves, but what is done, is always done. Actions can’t be undone, arrows can’t be pulled back. Dives into the oceans, you cannot rewind. Our jumps into empty holes cannot be pushed back. Our falls over the gloomy cliffs, for an attempt to fly in the sky, but only falling down, with nowhere to fall, cannot be shut down. But maybe, maybe if we allow the light to reach us. Maybe if we allow the sun to rise over us, maybe if we allow the stars to let us leap into them, we have a chance.

And for a tiny part of an era of tiny moments, if you feel the glare of the scorching sun touch you. Let it burn you up, with its harsh sight, then you must know, that you will rise. You will be alive, and you will walk out of these sinister shades and you will rise out of your own ashes, just like a phoenix. An era of moments might pass, and maybe you’ll still be there, but if that blazing flame just touches you for even a part of a second, you will rise. We will rise, out of that wickedness and filth which we have created, in which we are drowning even with no water present, for light wouldn’t reach us. but when it does, and it will, we will rise. We will be reborn. We will rise and we will leap into the sun, and we won’t ever come back, we just need to stay in the light. The noor will be ours and we will be of the noor’s.

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