I’m a Caged Bird
My wings are clasped 
My feet are tied
They bind me to move
They bond me to fly
They crushed my Identity
They felt satisfied
I fluttered my wings
I wanted to fly
But steel bar stroke
And twisted my soul.
I became a puppet,
But I was Breathing Soul
They played with my feelings and celebrated their Triumph 
like a child played with Caged Bird and felt fun
My wounded wings are proof of this
They freed me to fly,
But still, my feet were tied
I came back home
Live in that Gore.
They handed over new ‘‘Custom Cage’’
They named it Wedding Chain
He crushed my identity with different Lore
And trapped my soul with new Cup-Tie
They grant me with new Name!
”Don’t call me with this Name
I have My Identity,I have My Name”
I yelled and cried,
They suppressed my voice 
They snatched my beauty 
They mangled my dreams
They ceased my free breath.
I thought to fly 
And moved little high
I felt a jerk
I was still tied
My soul dripped blood and sobbed and cried.
Who clasped your wings?
Who tied your feet? 
Society asked a question with a little sigh!
You clasped my Wings, 
You tied my Feet.
You tore my Soul.
I couldn’t even recognize my soul 
I ask myself 
Where’s your Identity
I don’t know you
I don’t know your tag.
My shivering hands
My wrinkled face
A witness of your cruelty 
A witness to my sighs.
Who will give an answer?
Who would format this system?
I answered society with a yelling sigh!
They behaved like a dummy and left me tied!

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I love the way you portrayed this. Great work