When I say bad days are bad, I mean they hurt badly. But when I say good thing about bad days, trust me there is. So, if you are having bad days, consider yourself lucky.

Bad days will come to challenge you and your strongest areas will be challenged. If you give enough money that you don’t really care about so you will be challenged financially and if you are mentally strong that you take pride in your mental strength then the bad news is that you will be tested to your limits. This is how it works and this is how we improve. However, the good thing is whenever this phase will be over and you will be a little successful, you will look back at these days, its focal point, and you will compare how much you have improved. Not only that, things you will learn in this phase, especially one that involves giving yourself some time, is something that will define your future.

Now back to why I said you guys are lucky to have these bad days, it is because these days will shape and strengthen your future and people who are always living in the super happy hours, doesn’t get the push to break the regular cycle and do something incredible. I have been through two bad phases and, on out of which, made me a writer and the other one made me start my own company after I was done with my first book. It hurts a lot but it makes you better.

So let’ talk about getting rid of bad days.

For this you need to understand that bad days come for two reasons only; either to push you out of a cycle or that life is teaching you a lesson. Sticking to a  job, relation, people or anything that isn’t good for you and you can’t get yourself out of it, *Ding, Ding* Who’s there? Oops the bad days are here to get you out of that situation. You can be having all the blessings in the world and still feel ungrateful for that one thing you don’t have. And as they say, the best thing to do is to learn the lesson.

It makes you a good person. Don’t try to fight the lesson, if it’s a person, break up, it’s a thought, get it out of your system, it’s about your degree? Who cares about a piece of paper? Don’t let society be your judge. People have survived without degree and they have become legends. So why can’t you try.  Remember, good thing comes to those who try for it.

You need to keep the feelings out of the system because more the thoughts and feelings are bottled up inside you, the more it will sting. If you have friends you are lucky, share it with them. Try to write those feeling out, yell about it, record them, but get them out of your system. Just remember, don’t talk to people who try to compare your bad days with theirs. That is harsh and that blows your mind because no one wants to know about someone else’s day when you, yourself are the one who needs attention.  

Most of us try to escape and end our lives. Giving up is not a choice in this race. It is fine to feel bad, but equally important to let it out and away from yourself. Open your eyes and respect yourself first, listen to your heart, are you being fair with yourself. Are you? No? You still need to work on it.

Bad days take time but eventually they go, so hold on tight. Find a purpose, a friend a reason to hold on to. Try to look at the beauty of life, the colors of rainbow and even the greens of life. Don’t you want to be back where you can adore these colors? Where you adore living a life. So, make the best out of these days because what you will learn today will shape your future. I assure you that good days always follow the bad days and there will be light back in your life, brighter than it used to be and the cruel time will pass for you will see yourself in the mirror and smile because you will know you have evolved. Just know that you are strong and you can do it. Remember,

success never lies in victory but it lies in the amount of effort you put in and the amount of satisfaction you get out of it.

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Very well said. That’s really motivating and yeah there is something relatable I too wrote my first book after a bad phase of life and today it made me a writer. Bad days really teach the lesson good days can never teach.