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Belonging from a different land, possessing different names, owning variant languages, priorities, fields, ages, and passions. How are you doing? I know it’s a formality and we all know the unspoken answer to it, right? You might be thinking to whom specifically I’m writing while we all are so different. Are we truly different, at all? Well, it’s like being stars, scattered in the same universe, far away from one another, the outcome of same elements, sparkling, or maybe just…..surviving.

In this world filled with numerous varieties and natures of individuals, here I sit, trying to reach out and speak to the most of you. Desperately urging to find out if there’s any single point where we tackle, feel or live similar to one another. I know it’s hard but a little wondering wouldn’t hurt anybody right?

Do you also believe that we all are same, somehow? Just like souls hidden in different bodies of different shapes and colors, hidden underneath vibrant fabrics and an identity, yet each of us struggling the same way, to make it through the day, with just different ways but…..struggling.

Each one of us possessing and endless range of chaos, flapping its wings inside us struggling to make a way out or finding a home within. Here, it might leave you thinking, how come restlessness can be our similarity? But it is.

Sense, how variety possess similarity.

Many of us, for instance, might be regretting the bad decisions we made, blaming our poor fate. Many of us fellows, tackling with mental or emotional breakdowns, stress, depression, anxiety, over thinking, preoccupied mind with fears. The seed of grief sown in many of our hearts, making us weep over a major loss, a friend, a lover, a family member or a pet who knows. Who knows how many of us are going through heart breaks, break ups, divorce, betrayals, trust broken, soul shaken, spending endless, sleepless nights with puffy eyes.

God knows what an infinite number of “wars-within” we’re all hiding inside our mortal existence. Isn’t this insanely fascinating? It’s like a whole new universe can be shaped if each one of our story is given a shape and a name. Whilst, another perspective portrays it as an utterly sad fact, for this is what growing up introduced us to, chaos! The eagerness to grow up which we once possessed years back seems like the foolish-most wish we’ve ever made. Isn’t it? Which is surely one of our wishes we wish to undo if ever given a chance, but guess what? We’d still end up growing ironically older.

But have you ever asked yourself, the war which is raging inside you would conclude in peace or silence? Would you keep letting temporary feelings, people, pain and wishes take over your heart forever? I know it all wouldn’t leave that easily today…. Or ever, maybe.

But do you know what they say

“Flowers still bloom when there’s war, Blood stains don’t fade roses’ fragrance”

Doesn’t it seem like a hope? That we can walk, with our heads, hopes and faiths high, right?

Consequently, as our heart gets filled with overwhelming scars and pain leaving us restless, there are still many ways to ease out the internal exhaustion, the suffocation. A little self-adventure is necessary though. A little adventure to explore the “Morrison’s Pill” living within yourselves. An analysis to find out what brings us comfort the most, what numbs our scattered thoughts and spiritual restlessness for a while.

Let’s write, share our stories, fill those empty pages, draw if necessary, scribble the emotions out on a canvas, paint, and paint till our fingers get tired. Let’s find new people to share our inner self with, cook, read and read every day, a poem a story a novel. Let’s travel, watch movies. But let’s not lie there in the dark surrounded by worst internal hurricanes.

Let’s save bad experiences, mistakes, and heartaches as just another coin in our piggy banks. Let’s dive into our deepest selves to explore priceless pearls hidden. Let’s find the blooming flowers despite the raging war-within.



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This is really motivating..
Glad to see somebody writing about those WARS-WITHIN…