DEPRESSION. People who have never ever experienced this practically, can’t understand the depth of this word. Wait, I am not saying that you don’t know anything about this, but you can just not feel this. Like, you can’t really feel someone’s pain till you walk a mile in his shoes.


In my opinion, everyone, at some point in their lives, faces depression. You don’t need to have clinical depression for feeling depressed, because there are number of things going on in one’s life that you just can’t avoid it. Also, you can’t deny the fact that there is a huge difference between having CLINICAL DEPRESSION and DEPRESSION. Today, I am going to share some ways to overcome your depression. The depression we get when we are going through a bad phase of our lives. Most of us start to lose our wills to face life. The consequences of losing will and being completely hopeless about life are really scary. Teenagers try to find pleasures in drugs and bad stuff including uncontrolled sexual activities. For temporary pleasures, they lose real purpose of life. End point of this depression is, SUICIDE. Honestly, suicide isn’t just as easy as we take it while pronouncing. No body attempts suicide till he is forced to reach at that one particular point where he can’t see anything except darkness. Positive things are still there, waiting for him but the situation forces him to look at the dark side of life. It isn’t easy to look at the brighter side of life when you’re going through a bad phase.


I will give you one real life example. My example. The purpose of sharing this example with my readers is to make them feel less alone in this situation because the basic problem we all face in this phase is, Losing Friends. We start to lose people because, again I will say, They have not walked a mile in your shoes yet. I guess, a lot of you will relate to my example.


Last month was a rough for me. I did my intermediate with flying colors. Let me make this clear, that we get enrolled into a university after 12th in my country. I had so many options in my head. Like other students, I too wanted to choose best university for myself.




As you all are aware of this fact, time doesn’t remains same. Things got worse. My father, who was working in a well known company, got retired before time because of his health issues. He is going to have one major surgery next month, due to which we had to spend all our savings, and you know what this means.


I ultimately had to find a job, I was doing one already but now I had to do everything for the sake of my education. Keeping it short, I was at a point where I was thinking to drop a year, which was obviously going to leave a effect on my career. I started losing people, I started losing will to live, and I was depressed. At this point, I realized that there are times in life, where you just can’t be hopeful. I have roamed on streets for hours just to get rejected from everywhere. I used to cry myself to sleep. Honestly, at this point, i realized that how blessed I was all my life.


Being depressed just can’t change things, so I decided to reduce it. I have an Instagram account where I write about everything, I started pouring down my thoughts there. Also, I am a terrible photographer, but I feel capturing pictures is another way to feel better. I started capturing random moments of my life. The most effective way to reduce depression is to communicate with people. Random people. People who know nothing about you, and you know nothing about them. I know it sounds dramatic but its true, when you try to communicate, you actually feel better. The more you talk, the more you listen to the stuff others say, the more you feel alive. The more you start to forget about the bad stuff going on in your life, and the more you start believing that things are going to be alright.


We all are born with some talents, some real talents. These talents are what makes us different from each other. My situation was not a oh-so-unique-one, nor I am a epitome of bravery, there are people who go through worst situations and still manage to smile. What I am trying to convey is, being depressed isn’t bad. Its natural. Being hopeless is bad. Always remember, it only gets better when you try to make it better. If you leave it as it is, it is going to lead to the wrong ways. And wrong ways causes great destruction. These talents can help you reduce your anxiety and depression. For example, If you are a music lover, try doing it, anywhere, anytime. If you like to workout, sweat your stress away. If you like to write, write your pain away. Sing your pain away, dance your pain away, Paint your pain away, and speak your pain away! All these ways will help you to fight your pain away.


Everything gets better. Because nothing lasts forever, so just in case, you are having a bad day, week, month or year, try to make it better instead of finding ways to gain temporary pleasures. Temporary pleasures aren’t going to last longer, but the efforts you make are definitely going to leave their colors on the canvas of your life.


Live your life to the fullest.

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