As the moon shimmers in the lonely night

And swims in the lake

As its reflection causes a dull gold halo

In the depths of the deep


Starts shimmer in starlight

On the sky’s palette

Of endless shades and hues

Of purples and blues


The subtle pink hue

From the remnants of the sun

Now gone and the endless night

Stretches to infinity and beyond


See, as wonder and curiosity become

The global cause of mortality

And keep in view the panorama

Of endless beauty of death and melancholy


Shadow the embers of dying love

With blooms of despair and gloom

Make your boundless promises

Of less than worth with you


Don’t shatter my heart

Into the dust of echo

In this galaxy of repairing souls

If only to mix with the mist of wrecked ones


Don’t look at me with those cold eyes

But don’t stop looking

I can’t breathe without it

Even if brutal and cold


Shadow the ashes with fragments

Of broken dreams of the broken souls

And silence the doom of screams

Of the remorse of love and ruin.


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Very well written