My life is like…

Getting up early with the purring of shimmer and her weight on my chest, then our love-moment getting disturbed by waking up of my alarm, then I silence its mouth with a fist tap and thrust aside the sheets, and go to the bathroom, after freshening up, I plant a small kiss on my mom’s “shimmer’s” moustache-cheek and on her one green eye and one red eye and then off to a boring high school.

I was always an orphan, like I opened my eyes to shimmer’s side she was in her white fleece watching me over as my cute little baby sitter and in her white hairy coat I’ve found peace, warmness and love of a mom, though she’s not available at nights and for that I complain too, but it doesn’t matter for her. Well, for people she’s a cat but for me she’s my everything,  and I really hate it when someone tries to call her an ordinary cat, she’s no ordinary, like she saves me from Mice, she is still as young as she was when I was born, she owns the house I live in

Today is my 16th birthday, finally the day has arrived when I’ll be having waffles and on my boring red couch, I’ll watch old movies with my mom, as she’s a bit picky.

As I walk back to my house, I hear rattling and laughter. I’m shocked, ’cause our neighbors believe me to have been lived or been raised by myself alone and with a non-aging cat living with me since the day I first cried, because they really don’t know about my nanny. She has never come out of the house, so they’ve never seen her. Actually I forgot to mention her to you as well, it’s true that my mom is shimmer but her mom who has given her and me this house is Nanny Macrooni, her name is this because she has dangerously curly hair, with straight cheekbones, well I often forget to mention her as she works somewhere, and very seldom she’s at home, like only at nights after I go to sleep and before I even wake up she’s gone, just on Saturday nights I get to see her.. But I don’t wanna see her often because whenever she comes she sends shimmer on work instead of her and I don’t like being separated from her, so there’s no chance that people from neighborhood have come to my home.


As I wade my way into the two rooms castle, voices starts coming closer, and when I open my room, a slice of pancake flung into the air on my face, before me even blinking, laughter roars in the house and i feel like crying but when I slowly open my eyes and slip the cream off of my face, my heart seems to forget beating, there’s a bunch of old ladies just like my nanny, playing around. While my nanny sits on the table in the middle.

“Hello! Dear, you’re back” she greets me with a tight hug.

“Happy birthday, moon!” my ears erect, how come they know my name, and there way is like they’ve known me for so long

“Who are you?” I say hesitatingly

“We?” one lady with shimmering white hair asks, and I nod.

“Aw, moon we’re your nanny’s job mates, we’ve come to celebrate your birthday” she smiles

“But, I don’t know you and…” before I could complete the room plunged into darkness, I couldn’t feel my hand or feet, I am feeling dizzy and I swoon…

I wake up with a jerk, with a sparkle moonlight on my eyes and an old lady hovered over me,  I scream with terror. I was on the grass bank, with wild winds around me.

“Calm down little girl!” she says politely, old-ly.

“Wh-where am I?” breath got stuck in my wind pipe.

“You’ll get to know” she says and vanishes, I move my hand in the air so many times but she’s nowhere she’s actually nowhere. I stand up and start running with the winds on the grass, barefoot, I run and run,  through the trees and hedges and bushes I run in the moonlight, shining pale on my head and I run in the direction of the moon, a big cold eyeball staring right into my soul, but I follow it until my footsteps stop. I fall, panting I slowly prop up my head and witness a swing, hanging loosely in the middle of air, a little girl and a white cat sitting on it and swaying with it, and quietly witnessing the moon. I know the girl though I can’t see her face, her shadow is broad on the grass but cat’s shadow is nowhere.

I trudge toward them, terrified, and before I’d reach them someone puts a hand on my shoulder. I revert immediately, and snap,  it’s nanny Macrooni. I feel relaxed and finally catch up my breath for a while.

“Who are them nanny? What’s going on here?” I ask breathlessly.

“They are from the past, that girl is you” she says gently looking ahead.

“And if you’ve touched them you could’ve ruined everything”

“What do you mean? And what about that cat” when I say it turns its face toward me, it’s shimmer

“It’s time for you to know it all” she says and when I turn to look at her she is nowhere, but I feel the purring on my toes.

I see shimmer, rubbing her body to my legs but then I look as she changes into Nanny. I try to scream but it doesn’t leave my throat. But then I notice her moving towards the swing and I see and the swing moves high to and then fro, to and then fro…

To and fro…

To and fro…

Scene starts blurring off and I feel myself transparent and in a hurly-burly lane, brimming with pawnshops. People wearing different masks and flute humming wide and forth in across its end.

“You were born in a witch’s family” I hear nanny’s voice, I see a woman in black gown crying with a baby in her hand in front of a damp brown wooden house, with smoke chiming out of its roof. Then I see shimmer going to the woman and as she turns into a beautiful half aged lady but soon when she cuddles the baby she turns into an old lady with greys in her head.

“I was a servant of the great wizard and that crying woman who is crying is your mother and my sister” I can only hear her voice as she tells me the story.

“She was sad, because she was killed by the wizard and she was there waiting for someone to take care of you because she was going to be vanished soon and she didn’t want me to leave my job and become helpless but when I saw her in the state I felt so helpless and I decided to take you with me, I used to spy for the wizard in a white cat’s disguise, but then when he killed your mother I decided to leave him and because of that…”

The scene flips, turns and twists and now I’m in an actual castle with its walls carrying two big windows on each side and a dark red royal chair in the midst a man standing with a glass in his one hand and his glance flicked outside the window.

“Well, well, well…” a pause.

“If you really wanna leave this world then you have to live forever like a cat, I’ll see how you’ll raise this Girl” he smirked and flicked the glass in the air a black smoke left its brim and struck nanny who was on the border of witch’s-world, outside the window…

“I would’ve remained a cat forever since then if not for you… The moment I held you I was turned into an old lady and that protected me from turning into a cat just only when at night the moon comes over, so I named you moon, my love, my dear moon you saved your nanny” everything vanishes and gets rolled back again into a small black ball and I wake up with the saliva of shimmer on my face.

I wake up and hug her tightly… I smile and when I get ready to go out, she winks at me…

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