Here’s to never drowning in your eyes again

Here’s to never appreciating your beautiful smile again

Here’s to never falling for your lies again

Here’s to never calling out your name again


The strangest thing, hard to accept

How you love someone to your death

How you push them away and never tell

How you want them near but still can’t help


They are your everything, your night and day

Your day-dreams and night-dreams

Your house and your home,

Your busy time and free time

Yes, your every little common and uncommon thing


You love them selfishly and selflessly

But there comes a time, there come the final days

Time to say goodbyes to the lover, for all the right or wrong reasons

It is the strangest thing, hard to accept

When it starts, it does wonder

And when it ends, it triggers disasters

Final days could be both beautiful and painful

Knowing it is the only time you see them for the very last moment


Yet, you deal with the heavyweight anyway

You understand what needs to be understood

In order to let go, you learn to let go, painfully

And you do, you do it with great courage!

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