At the bank or river too high
I soaked my dreams in your wet eye
I asked for having me in wetness
But you left my burning body to die
To please you’re wild inner
I let the Butterflies of my desires fly
I seek you’re heed
But you pierced me for no reason
As there was no pain in my pain
The hidden arrow in you’re contemplation
Thrown my doomed to extinction
I asked you’re glance for once
But rewarded by you’re indifference
You gave me distances
And I embraced the deference
That You gave me all the time
Hidden swings of you’re the mood
Made me a brittle star
As a rebellious wind
I shouted like a guitar
I snatched everything out of me
Because I don’t even have a healing hand
But at the last
I still have faith
Sooner or later
The clouds of you’re the kindness
Will dispel my gloom away
The darkness will be diminished
And I will shine in the moonlight
I will roam for seeking you
I will hide for hiding you
I have forgotten the old me
As I just know a bitter of me
putting a barrier to being hatred
I let my gloomy nights to be scattered
Now being a comet of all hearts
I am heading to an open sky.

~Afifa hazel

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Afifa you are an all-rounder. 🙂