Places, people, yellow lights

Lifeless, stagnant dying delights

Slogans, drums and tunes to dance

Where opinion stands no chance

Spirits of knowledge are left to bleed

Logic is but a homeless creed

There is a crowd around us

A commemoration, another fuss

Itching aching ebbing smiles

Dancing as a group of flies

Falling leaves and rustic smells

Warm drinks and golden bells

“Fall is a season of a change

A new beginning”

But same pain

We can fight and forget the deed

But the soul still bear the seed.

Of plant that bore the melancholic fruits

Of vines clenched passionately to roots

Of moments cherished and hours declined

Of colours sung and sights sublime

All particles of nature paint

The picture of my temple’s saint

The memories may start fading away

But the heart has heavy price to pay

The coldness brings the thoughts of thee

Your words engraved the passion in me

The crisp and brown sight of wood

Resembles your eyes closed for good

A season of memories it’s for those

Who lost their kindred souls

It might open a doors for few

For others, it would be a dew

On broken petals of their dreams

Which call their fragrance

In autumnal screams.
Photo credits: Syeda Iqra Azim

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Fani Mahmood
Fani Mahmood

Nice poem.. meaningful




Wow… I am reading this poem and literally swaying