You’re like a melody,

like a song in my top playlist.

I always have your name on my lips, on top of my call logs and messages.

Your face is the one I see around, your voice what I wake up and fall asleep to.

You’re always on my mind whether be it early morning or midnight.

You’re in my every hour of the day be it free or busy.

People call this obsession, I call it love.

You may think it’s stalking, I know its addiction.

Addiction of your soul,

Addiction of you.


You’re like a drug, which consumes my mind and body.

Your addiction is so strong that I can’t seem to beat it out of my system.

You have worked like a spell on me.

Keeping me in your trance.

Enchanted. Reverie. Drawn.


You’re like an angel.

Innocent. Meek. Alluring.

Your magical wings have me wrapped in them.

Always protecting me from the demons of hell.


Your face is what I look for in a crowd.

Your face is what people turn around to give a second look.

Your face is what I want to wake up and fall asleep to.


You are my person.

You are my addiction.


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