Horrible intuitions, suppressing doubts

Panicking inside, told a couple lies

Burned the bridges, discomforting hideouts

Splitting headaches, time to use that old smile


Pulled the brakes, I lazily got out

Cinnamon swirling in air, dusky cottage wearing the cologne of fresh laundry

Fusion of familiar faces, more than a house

Emulating the rhythm of florid sprinkling bits of glory


Chained to the ever-refreshing memories of this morning,

Same tall talk of the day, satiated the pressing urge to rant, openly

Chiming with the routine, pondering and longing

Language, we share, a different one round here, silently


Sense of gratitude, infused with

Fireplace, keeping secrets, stories and confessions

Discuss the new, glasses filled to the brim

In the quietude of the night, the air still smelling of dinner leftovers


Sneaking some of em’ into bed, I pull the covers over my head

Till the dawn lovingly wakes me up, tomorrow morning

Seeking guidance, final prayer being said

Sun’s already up, never mind, I’ll just sleep in.


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Beautiful! 🙂


This is what you love home for “Sun’s already up, never mind, I’ll just sleep in.” :p