Dear Faithy,

Long time no see? Hope you are doing well Faithy. I know that you hate it when I call you ‘Faithy’ instead of your very own real name ‘Faith’ but I call it with love so accept that sweetheart. Today I am writing this letter to you because all through these years I have never acknowledged your importance in my life and maybe that’s why you are out of the scene after granting me with so many great things in life. I’ve never thanked you. I always remained ungrateful until I hadn’t laid my trust upon you.

You know what Faithy? There were times when I was in the depth of despair. I had no way out. I used to feel as the loneliest person alive with no friends and well-wishers. I used to think there is no one and nothing that can take me out of that hell of my own. I had gone astray from the right path. After one or two bad happenings I thought there is nothing good on Earth for me and that I should end up with my life. You know what? I even thought that God doesn’t love me like His other creations. I thought that there’s no one whom I can call a friend. I even attempted suicide once or twice but I feel it so strange that today I am calling my good fortune that I survived that attempt to finish myself too. Back in those days, I used to consider it my misfortune that despite my attempts to free myself from the worldly hell I survived.

I survived. Yes, I survived and that was when while reading a book I realized that whoever who’s alive has a purpose on Earth and that no one dies before playing their part. Also as Shakespeare says that “the world is a stage and….” Blah, blah, blah hahaha I know that you know the rest of it as its famous enough and you already know it. So, I am not wasting my ink to write whole of it but you know what Faithy? No one leaves that stage before playing their role on it. So, I just gave it a random thought at that time and you know what happened then? You happened

Yeah! You came into my life. Seriously one day I heard a street beggar saying out loud, “jisy Allah ne diya wo de dey ga” (One whom Allah gave would give me). I gave him a few rupees and he prayed, “May you be blessed with faith” he moved on saying this and I kept looking at him from behind. That street beggar taught me a lot Faithy. He was begging for money and he didn’t pay money for me because I already had enough of it he prayed ‘you’ for me and this was something God wanted to teach me but no one gets something extremely valuable like you without valuing it first, without asking for it.

Later, I tried ‘you’ and you know that since the day we befriended you have always been a good friend. You have never betrayed me like others. You loved me like no one else could. You fixed things for me so miraculously that I sometimes wonder how it happens out of sight and out of mind. But then again there’s a thing about you that you are not just a friend to be loved and trusted, you are so generous that you deserve respect and value. You show everyone light without being racist whoever lays down his trust in you.

Faithy life is now so beautiful that I often loath myself whenever I look back on past and think that I was negative enough to give it up. You know what faithy? In hard times we seek refuge in three things,

  1. Literature or philosophy
  2. Science or logic
  3. Belief or faith.

Faithy the facts about these three are very interesting and well proven by my experience and maybe some other humans feel the same too.

In hard times literature gives us ‘strength’, it tells us these things below,

‘Be strong you can do it’

‘You have come this far you would nail it’

‘More power to you’

‘Hold on there is a long way to go’

‘Stay patient’

‘It was not meant to be easy’

And this all really helps at times but you know what? It never gives logic that how it’s gonna work. How by staying strong we would get there? It just gives blind pieces of sometimes real and sometimes fake, kinda hope.

So where do we get logic and reasoning to answer the questions that pop up in our silly minds? Of course, science or logical reasoning with hypothesis or theory or other people experiences I know you got my point.

Yes apart from hope and reasons to be strong to never give up and so on we need one more thing, ‘the miraculous happenings’ in our lives. Where can we put our blind trust, where we can say, that things are gonna be alright apart from the question of possibility or impossibility, apart from how would it happen? That’s where you exist, that’s where I and my fellow humans need you Faithy and you always help us out. You are the most loyal one to human beings.

I wish others may also realize this as soon as possible and acknowledge your importance for their own well being. I want to thank you from the depth of my heart. Thank you for existing in my life. Take care of yourself and I wonder if you can send me a reply to this letter with another miraculous happening. Okay! I am not being greedy I am just asking you for that. Anyways I trust you and I’d wait for my time. I am always going to need you so, stay same faithy.

Good Bye,

Yours and only yours


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wania fatima

it kept me spellbound till the last letter…….simply amazing


Loved it !