Am I wrong in choosing you?

Is it going to be all right?

Is this the only path to go?

Am I the only one in fright?


Does anyone care enough to help?

Should I share the pain I see?

Should I tell them about them nights?

Moments that don’t define me?


Does my surrealness bother them?

Does my weirdness even get noticed?

Am I  the only one to suffer?

Am I the only one so devoted?



Infused in fear, I picked it up.

The ultimate escape that offered the world,

Of pleasure, of delight the world out of sight

My mind got on wings and hurled


Calm storm followed me through.

To the oasis of ideas, I drank a few.

I left the place happy and sad.

Like a wilted flower covered in dew.



The cage broke, but I became a slave

A dependence that was followed by my decay.

If only someone had answered the questions, I had.

I may not have been left astray

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