All year long, I wait for it to come;
So I can hear, my own beating heart.
The imperturbable effect of fall,
Sends me in a trans of completeness;
It is the time, when I feel too much,
Including the feeling of being alive.

It is when, I am above the feeling of melancholy
and happiness.
Some say, “you need to get inside your soul” While others tell me” step in the outside and explore”. Who are they? How can they tell me where to find my-self? They don’t know me or what I am looking for, yet they pretend to read me. Autumn is my friend as orange leaves perceive me better than them.
I can breathe no better than how I breathe while taking in
the chilliness of atmosphere.
I can see no better than how I see while the
trees lose their limbs and still stand tall.
I can touch no better than how I touch while my
receptors break through the numbness.
I can go to that place no better than how I go
there while I am being in this state.

When fall comes, I get lost in profound ecstasy 
But not all can experience what I may, without trying
Inside or Outside, the effects are everywhere
Open your eyes and you might find something too.

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Zohaib Ahmed
Zohaib Ahmed

This is great. When I think about October, this was something in my mind that attracted me. You created it beautifully.
the closing stanza penetrated my heart, touched my soul and shook me.


This is beautiful


Nice Aamna